​Our History, Our PLAN

It's not a very long one yet, but we are excited to continue to write it 

We started this company in 2016 with the sole mission of transforming the way strawberries are grown and marketed.  We are looking forward to what the future may hold and how we can play our part in it!
Our PLAN will always be driven by our personal passions and desires to demonstrate what is possible by bringing the future of farming to the present.  We promise to never cut corners and  to always have our neighbors and families in the forethought of every decision we make as a company.  Quality and excellence will be our legacy

​Where we came from
My partner and I came very different parts of the world with different experiences but late 2015 met and found a very similar passion for wanting to not only do something different, but to do it better and more efficiently than everyone else. 

Together we formed Plan Berries Inc, with the determination and passion to take farming and marketing of fresh, premium California grown strawberries into the future.  With my family's reputation on the sales and marketing side of the industry and with his knowledge and expertise of growing and farming strawberries, we are looking to help lead the evolution of the industry into the future, merging technology with farming, to bring not only premium quality and flavor, but to bring effiecnies and sustainability to an industry that will need it in order to continue producing fresh produce to a growing population and limited resources.

As our history is written daily, we are excited to keep all of you informed with what we are doing, how we are doing, and when you can expect to see and taste these changes we are excited to bring to you.  We all have a mission in our one life together here on this planet and we are looking to make sure ours has a lasting and very positive impact for generations to come!



All of this means that we can grow a better strawberry, year round, using less.  It answers the question that started us on this mission.  It also means that our children can enjoy a more healthy strawberry for years and generations to come.  But we also know that we must continue to innovate, to keep the drive and passion that started Plan Berries evolving with the times.  To keep improving. To keep challenging ourselves to be better and to do better every day. But it now means that you have a better option when you go to the store to buy your favorite fruit.  And that you can expect us to be pushing ourselves every day to bring the flavor back to strawberries every time you bite into one of our hydroponically grown fruit.  That they are also grown in the most sustainable and clean methods possible.  Cleaner, healthier, sweeter.


A simple definition of hydroponic farming is this: To grow plants using a soil substitute (known as a substrate) and feed them using a liquid nutrient mixed into the water.  
There are many different types of “substrates” but the one we use that we find most effective as a soil substitute is a 100% natural one created from shredded coconut husks, called “coir”.  The texture and density is very similar to soil, as is its ability to retain moisture which means being able to use less water and having a nice stable base for the roots to take hold and thrive in. Coir is also contains trichoderma which is a naturally reoccurring fungus that works with the plants roots to protect them from harmful fungi.  It is also free from bacteria, which means no fumigants needed to prep before planting.
Our water is pumped from our wells and then run through a reverse osmosis filtration system to purify the water and to neutralize the saline level in water. This allows us a pure base to work with and then formalize and add our measured percentages of liquid nutrients into the pure water that then gets sent through a direct drip irrigation system that feeds the plants straight into their root systems. Because of the monitoring of the water levels and analysis of nutrient levels daily, we only precisely use the required amount of water and nutrients to keep the plants optimally happy and healthy.  This means NO WASTE and less water used to achieve our premium result.  With water being one of our most precious resources we wanted to find a way to produce something using less water.
Because we have our plants about four feet off the ground, it also means food safe and very labor friendly.  No exposure to sitting water or pests or fecal matter that carries bacteria such as E-Coli. It also means the fruit hang cleanly and plain to the sight for easy harvesting.  Gone are the back breaking work days of our dedicated and hard-working harvesting crews.
Our fruit are grown in what are commonly known are tunnels, or hoop houses.  The are structures built of gavenized steel ribs and covered in a UV filtering plastic.  This plastic not only shades and diffuses the UV to the plants, but also acts as an insulator, helping to raise the temperature and keep plants warmer when it is cooler, acts as protection from winds, and even more importantly as cover against the rain.  This means much less fruit lost due to issues related to weather, something that most strawberries are subject to constantly. It also means we can harvest and have fruit when most others cannot.  And it also shades our workers from being beaten down by the sun while harvesting.