​Our History, Our PLAN

It's not a very long one yet, but we are excited to continue to write it 

We started this company in 2016 with the sole mission of transforming the way strawberries are grown and marketed.  We are looking forward to what the future may hold and how we can play our part in it!
Our PLAN will always be driven by our personal passions and desires to demonstrate what is possible by bringing the future of farming to the present.  We promise to never cut corners and  to always have our neighbors and families in the forethought of every decision we make as a company.  Quality and excellence will be our legacy

​Where we came from
My partner and I came very different parts of the world with different experiences but late 2015 met and found a very similar passion for wanting to not only do something different, but to do it better and more efficiently than everyone else. 

Together we formed Plan Berries Inc, with the determination and passion to take farming and marketing of fresh, premium California grown strawberries into the future.  With my family's reputation on the sales and marketing side of the industry and with his knowledge and expertise of growing and farming strawberries, we are looking to help lead the evolution of the industry into the future, merging technology with farming, to bring not only premium quality and flavor, but to bring effiecnies and sustainability to an industry that will need it in order to continue producing fresh produce to a growing population and limited resources.

As our history is written daily, we are excited to keep all of you informed with what we are doing, how we are doing, and when you can expect to see and taste these changes we are excited to bring to you.  We all have a mission in our one life together here on this planet and we are looking to make sure ours has a lasting and very positive impact for generations to come!